Introduction To The Characteristics Of Conveyor Chain

16 Nov. 2022

The role of chain is very big in many industries, and conveyor chain is only one of the more common chains, so what are the characteristics of this kind of chain?

Conveyor chain is one of the chain forms. When choosing a conveyor chain, you should take care of the material of the product and the production process according to the characteristics of the conveyor chain, so that the quality of the purchased conveyor chain can be guaranteed. With the continuous development of industry, conveyor chains play a very important role in the industry.

The conveyor chain can work normally in almost all kinds of harsh environments, whether it is low temperature, advanced, dusty, toxic media, corrosive media and rough loading, etc. Therefore, we are happy to use chain conveyors in low temperature cold storage, high temperature supply line, rough loading forestry, dusty cement plant and equipment coating line.

There are many kinds of standard widths of conveyor chains, and other special specifications can be used according to customers' needs. The conveying capacity of conveyor chain is large, and it mainly conveys pallets, large crates, etc. The conveyor chain has a variety of structures and attachments, so it is easy to realize accumulation conveying and can be used for assembly line or storage conveying of materials. Conveyor chain power roller conveyor consists of power roller barrel assembly, aluminum side plate, sheet frame, tie bar, bearing base, drive unit and chain.

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