KR939SB3 Three Parameter Combination Probe Min. Order: 1
  • 1.Temperature measurement characteristics: lubricating oil temperature measurement range: 0100, temperature measurement comprehensive error±3

  • 2.Oil level measurement characteristics: lubricating oil level measurement range: - 1040 ㎜ Comprehensive error of oil level measurement amp; plusmn; 5 ㎜

  • 3.Vibration measurement characteristics: vibration measurement range: 020 ㎜/s, measurement output is proportional to the true effective value (RMS) of vibration speed, vibration measurement frequency band range: 101000 HZ, vibration measurement comprehensive error amp; plusmn; 1 ㎜/s

  • 4.Signal output characteristics: Current output: 420mA

  • 5.Power supply characteristics: DC 24V 6. Environmental characteristics: Ambient temperature range: - 2080, ambient humidity range: 0100%


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