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The KR-939SB3 three-parameter combined probe is applied to the combined probe for monitoring the safe operation of cooling tower fans. The sensor, conversion, and transmission circuits for measuring the gearbox oil temperature, oil level, and mechanical vibration signals of the fan are integrated inside the probe. The probe directly outputs 420mA standard current signals corresponding to these safety parameters. The KR-939SB3 three-parameter combination probe can be connected to DCS and PLC computer measurement and control systems for use.

Product Description

Use installation: KR-939SB3 integrated three-parameter combination probe is installed in the threaded hole on the upper part of the fan gearbox (or other equipment under test) in the form of external threads. The probe rod is inserted into the gearbox to obtain the lubricating oil temperature, lubricating oil level, and box vibration signals in the gearbox, and complete the transmission and output. 

Technical parameters: 

1.Temperature measurement characteristics: lubricating oil temperature measurement range: 0100, temperature measurement comprehensive error±3 

2.Oil level measurement characteristics: lubricating oil level measurement range: - 1040 ㎜ Comprehensive error of oil level measurement amp; plusmn; 5 ㎜ 

3.Vibration measurement characteristics: vibration measurement range: 020 /s, measurement output is proportional to the true effective value (RMS) of vibration speed, vibration measurement frequency band range: 101000 HZ, vibration measurement comprehensive error amp; plusmn; 1 /s 

4.Signal output characteristics: Current output: 420mA 

5.Power supply characteristics: DC 24V 

6. Environmental characteristics: Ambient temperature range: - 2080, ambient humidity range: 0100%

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