How Bag Pulse Jet Valves Improve Air Dust Collector Efficiency?

09 May. 2024

Reliable bag pulse jet valves play an important role in reducing emissions, energy consumption and operating costs. Compressed air can be expensive for treatment facilities, and power plants, aluminum plants, and glass plants with multiple dust collection systems may use large amounts of compressed air. The length of time a valve is open determines the amount of compressed air used. 

Choosing a pulse valve with a fast response time can reduce compressed air consumption and waste compared to a bag pulse valve with a slower response time. In addition, dust collector systems rely on pulse valves to remove filters. Without pulse valves, dust would continually clog the filters, resulting in downtime and higher operating costs.

Bag pulse valves play an important role in dust removal. Our company has experience in manufacturing, sales and after-sales maintenance of bag type dust collection valves, and the main brands are ALSTOM series, ASCO series, DMF series, Goyen series, and we provide OEM service.

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