Fuction of the Pulse Air Valve

07 Mar. 2024

The pulse air valve serves as a "switch" for the compressed air in the pulse bag filter's cleaning and blowing system. Controlled by the output signal of the pulse blowing controller, the pulse air valve performs individual cleaning and dust discharge for each row of filter bags, keeping the resistance of the dust collector within the set range to ensure the dust collector's processing capacity and dust collection efficiency.

The structure of the pulse air valve divides it into two chambers, front and rear, by a diaphragm. When compressed air is connected, it enters the rear chamber through a throttle hole. At this point, the pressure in the rear chamber presses the diaphragm assembly against the valve's outlet, and the pulse air valve is in the "closed" state. The electrical signal from the pulse controller moves the movable iron core of the pulse air valve upward, opening the exhaust port of the rear chamber. The rear chamber rapidly loses pressure, and the diaphragm assembly moves upward, allowing compressed air to be sprayed through the outlet of the pulse valve, which is now in the open state.

Our SMCC brand Pulse air valve include Optipow Pulse Jet Valve 105 and 135, ASCO Integral Pilot Operator Pulse Valves, Goyen right angle valve for dust collector system.

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