Advantages of roller chains 

06 Jul. 2022

Roller chains can be made into single-strand and multi-strand chains. When it is necessary to withstand larger loads and transmit larger power, multi-strand chains can be used. The multi-row chain is equivalent to several ordinary single-row chains connected with each other by long pins, and its bearing capacity is proportional to the number of rows, but the more rows there are, the more difficult it is to make each row evenly stressed, so the number of rows should not be too much, commonly used are double-row chains and three-row chains. It is a mechanical power chain used for conveyors, a type of chain drive, which is widely used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery, such as plotters, transporters, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It is linked together by a series of short cylindrical rollers, driven by a gear called a sprocket, and is a simple, reliable transmission of power.

Advantages of roller chains 

1. Universality 

It can still operate effectively in harsh environments such as dirty, oily, mixed air, etc. A single power source can drive multiple output shafts at the same time, and the speed can be adjusted by the size of the ratchet gear.  

2. Vibration absorption ability 

The chain itself is elastic, and when the oil film exists in each part, it can protect the shaft and motor from impact and strain

3. High durability  

Because the load is shared by many teeth on the ratchet gear, the force on each single gear is small to ensure the life.

4. Light weight and small space   

The width is narrow, it can be installed in a very small space, and the space occupied by the unit of transmission horsepower is small.


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