How to ensure a longer service life of non-standard chains

13 Jul. 2022

Non-standard chain is a kind of conveyor chain. In practical application, in order to better apply this product, it is necessary to pay special attention to the adjustment of its tightness to ensure that the service life of the non-standard chain is longer. So how to adjust the transmission tightness of the non-standard chain?

In practice, it is found that in the non-standard chain transmission, if the loose edge sag is too large, it will cause poor meshing and chain vibration. Therefore, the purpose of tensioning the chain transmission is different from that of the belt transmission. The tensioning force does not determine the working ability of the chain, but only Determine the size of the sag. There are many ways of tensioning, the most common is to move the sprocket to increase the center distance between the two wheels. However, if the center distance is not adjustable, the tensioner can also be used for tensioning, and the tensioner should be installed on the loose edge close to the driving sprocket.

Whether it is a tensioner with teeth or bag teeth, the diameter of the index circle should preferably be similar to the diameter of the index circle of the small sprocket. In addition, the pressure plate or the pallet can be used for tensioning, especially for the chain drive with a large center distance, it is more reasonable to use the pallet to control the sag, which ensures that the service life of the non-standard chain is longer.


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