Introduction to the principles and key points of the use of non-standard chains

22 Jul. 2022

Non-standard chain is a kind of non-universal chain, which is mainly reflected in the use of non-standard, so it is not a general commodity. The selected raw materials and national standard chains are the same, and the quality is also the same.

Non-standard chains, among similar products, are divided into chain product series according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the components, the parts and parts that mesh with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts. There are many types of chains, but their basic structures are only the following, and the others are deformations of these. We can see from the above chain structures that most chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, and other components. Other types of chains just make different changes to the chain plate according to different needs. Some are equipped with scrapers on the chain plate, some are equipped with guide bearings on the chain plate, and some are equipped with rollers on the chain plate, etc. These are all modifications made to apply in different applications.

Non-standard chains are different according to different materials. Although they do not meet the size standards defined by national standards, the quality is the same. So don't care if its quality is a substandard chain. Having sold for such a long time, it is important for us to let customers understand the excellence of our products, so that we can introduce how the products are different. And what customers value is the value of the product. What we need to do is to tell customers about the valuable things, focus on their main points, share customers' concerns about products, and learn to create value to provide customers with the value they need.

The non-standard chain should not be pulled too tightly during use, because once pulled too tightly, a large tube bundle moment will be formed between the secondary shaft and the rear wheel buffer body, and then affected by the moment, it will damage the bearing and reduce the life of the chain.


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