FU Chain conveyor equipment selection

15 Aug. 2022

(1) Chain speed: select the chain speed according to the state of the material. For the materials with strong abrasiveness, high temperature, large proportion of coarse particles and large particles, choose slow speed. The optimum chain speed for cement and raw meal can refer to Table 2. -2 selection, other materials similar to cement performance and state can refer to the selection. 

(2) Model: select the model according to the conveying volume. Under the same conveying volume, choosing a larger model can reduce the chain speed and prolong the service life, but when the conveying volume is more than 30% lower than the conveying volume, the material layer will be too thin, resulting in idling and increasing wear. 

(3) Power: According to the conveying volume, conveying length and process conditions, refer to Table 3-7 to select the power. The assembly form of the drive device is divided into X1, X2 and left and right, and X2 is back-mounted. 

(4) Material inlet and outlet: Each inlet and outlet can be selected by users according to their needs. 

  a. In order to avoid smooth feeding, the upper feeding port should not be used for materials with poor fluidity and high humidity. 

  b. When the first feeding port is close to the tail shaft, the upper feeding port should not be used. 

  c. According to the needs of users, the machine can be equipped with multiple inlet and outlet ports, and can also provide a gate outlet.


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