How to clean the chain?

02 Jun. 2022

  The chain will inevitably have a lot of dirt after long-term usage, and if it is not treated well, it will affect its service life span, so it needs to be cleaned. There are three main ways at present, and how to choose should be based on your own specific situation.

1. Hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, or a discarded toothbrush or a slightly harder brush can also be used. Directly brush the Chain with water. And it needs to be dried after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.

2. Special cleaning agents for chains are with good cleaning effect and good lubricating effect. They can be bought in the professional car shops, but the price is relatively expensive.

3. Metal powder. Find a larger container, take a spoonful of it and rinse it with boiling water, remove the chain and put it in the water to clean it with a harder brush. The advantage is the oil on the chain can be easily cleaned , and generally does not clean the butter in the inner ring. It is not irritating, and it is very safe for your hands. You can get it at larger hardware stores. The disadvantage is that since the auxiliary is water, the chain must be dried after cleaning, which takes a long time.

  Chains are widely used in building materials, coal mines, metallurgy and other fields, playing the role of lifting and conveying, and are the core components of conveying equipment.

  If the lifting chain of the building materials industry is used for a long time, there will be cracks, bending and other phenomena. If it cannot be removed after removal, it can no longer be used, and it is regarded as scrap.

  In fact, no matter what kind of chain is used, such as industrial chain, agricultural machinery chain, mechanical chain, etc., if the usual maintenance work is not done well, there will be a phenomenon of scrapping.


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