Maintenance For Roller Chain Drive

10 Jun. 2022

    It's very practical to illustrate the conventional maintenance of roller chain drive because of its wide application in industry. Better maintenance, less failure. In practice, only following some simple maintenance principals, we can easily save costs and make its service life longer, and then making the operation more efficient. 

    Each sprocket in the driving system should have good coplanarity and the chain path should always be smooth. 

    The sagging of chain loose side should be suitable and for the adjustable center distance level and angle drive, the sagging should be 1%~2% of the center distance. For conditions of vertical drive and under vibration load、reverse drive and dynamic brake ,the sagging should be smaller. It’s very important to check and adjust the loose side sagging frequently in the chain drive maintenance.

    Good lubrication is also very important. Whichever lubrication method you choose, the most important thing is to make the lubricating grease distribute evenly in each chain joint clearance. If not necessary, avoid selecting big viscosity heavy oil or lubricating grease since it will jam the clearances gone to joints friction surface with dust after a period of time. Periodically clean the roller chain and check its lubrication condition frequently. Disassembly the pin and bush, if necessary. If the friction surface is brown or dust color, it may be caused by insufficient lubrication.

    Chains and sprockets should be always in good condition.

    Frequently check the working surface of sprocket teeth,adjust or replace it when it’s excessively worn. 


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