Introduction to Plunger Pulse Solenoid Valve Optipow 135&105

13 Dec. 2022

1.the compact pulse valve for the Optipulse fabric filters of different types. a result of many years of experiences within the fabric filter technology area. quick acting with high efficiency.

4.has small dimensions, the figure after the name stands fir the diameter of the plunger. primarily designed to be used in combination with circular pressure tank. easy to install and make service to.

7.has a very robust design, designed for normal use at air pressure up to 600kPa (6bar).

8.normal max operating temperature (compact pulse valve) 50°C.

Optipow Pulse Jet Solenolid Valve

Plunger Pulse Solenoid Valve Optipow 105 - 副本_00

Plunger Pulse Solenoid Valve Optipow 135 - 副本_00


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