Testing Procedure for Optipow Pluse Valve Tank Unit

13 Jan. 2023

1.Properly secure the complete assembly to the floor or a non-movable test fixture and then pressurize the Optipow Pluse Valve tank unit to 200 kPa (2 bar) . Note that the pilot air should have the same pressure. Eliminate eventual leakage in the connections.
If it is impossible to achieve a pressure in the tank check the following points:
If there is a leakage through evacuation ports "B".
Check that the pilot air is connected and that there are no leakages in the connections.
Replace solenoid valve. Note the position of the mark on the side of the solenoid vs. The slit in the top cover when installing.
If a particular valve is leaking; dismount that and check that the plunge is operating free.
If necessary clean the surfaces.
If it is a common leakage; dismount all valves and check measure "A" , picture 8. If necessary, machine the surface of the pulse pipe. Note that the top of the pulse pipes must after machining be polished to avoid sharp edges and finally the tank has to be cleaned.
2.Turn off air supply.
3.Check pressure decrease in tank as a function of time. Allowed pressure decrease is 50 kPa per minute. Even if there is a higher leakage continue to 4.
4.Check the function of each valve by pulsing from 200 kPa. Repeat this for 3 cycles.
5.Repeat from 3. If the leakage still is high try to find out if there is some valve leaking more than other, dismount that and check plunge sealing surface and secondly measure "A" . If necessary, maching surface to right tolerance.
6.Mount valve and start from 3 again. This is to be repeated until an acceptable result is achieved.
7.The final result of the testing should be documented for each tank unit according to example on appendix A. A copy of the result should be returned back to the orderer but also enclosed with the pressure tank at delivery.

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