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Rivetless drop forged conveyor chains are often applied with these industries such as car washes, automotive industry, material handling, meat packing, overhead conveyors, poultry processing, sugar processing, and many more general conveying and trolley conveyor type applications.
Though dimensionally the same, our drop forged chains use the best metallurgy sources, fully heat-treated and hardened pins, and is quality inspected through every process to ensure the end result is a premium long-lasting chain. This is why we can rate our chain at an ultra high 48,000 LBS tensile strength and it is one of the most widely used X458 chains in the industry.

X458 conveyor chain is apart of the rivetless drop-forge chain type within Engineer Class chains. This is because the links of X-458 chain are manufactured from a forged steel-cast material and can be easily assembled as well as disassembled. 


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Drop Forged Conveyor chain

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