Basic Info

Product nameArticle numberPos. no.
OPTIPOW 105(24VDC)V1617803-0100
OPTIPOW 105 (110V 60Hz, 100V 50/60Hz)V1617803-0200
OPTIPOW 105 (110V 50Hz)V1617803-0300
OPTIPOW 105 (120V 60Hz)V1617803-0400
OPTIPOW 105 (220V 50Hz)V1617803-0500
OPTIPOW 105 (UR-CERTIFIED 120V 60Hz )V1617803-0600
OPTIPOW 105 (without solenoid, revolving 90° C)V1617803-0800
Coupling SetV3592382-0000
O-Ring (Fluor rubber 64.5 x 3.1)8003-5573
O-Ring (Nitril 70SH 64.5 x 3.1)2136-1422
O-Ring (114.5 x 3.1)2136-1435
Pilot CoverV3630501-0100
Round Washer (SS3576-10-200HV FE/ZN45)4903-2173
Rubber DiscV3630530-0100
Rubber DiscV3640661-0100
Solenoid Valve(24 V DC)V3611471-0100
Solenoid Valve (100 V, 60 Hz)V3611471-0201
Solenoid Valve (110 V, 50 Hz)V3611471-0300
Solenoid Valve (110 V, 60 Hz)V3611471-0200
Solenoid Valve (120 V, 60 Hz)V3611471-0400
Solenoid Valve (120V, 60 Hz-UL CERTIFIED)V3640645-0200
Solenoid Valve (230V, 50 Hz)V3611471-0500

Product Description

Model NO.


Optipow Valve Structure

Pilot Membrane 

Power Supply

DC Solenoid Valve


Air Dust Collector




Industrial Usage

Used For

Industrial Dust Filter 




 3" Air Filter

Design static pressure

15 bar (1500 kPa)

Design temperature

-40°C-130 °C

Operating pressure

< 6 bar

Pressure variation

3 bar unlimited nos

Operation temperature

50 °C

We provide you with tailor-made air pollution control solutions focusing on reduced emissions and improved performance and efficiency to meet changing market conditions and comply with asset strategies. Our offering covers the entire flue gas line, ranging from particulate control, dry and wet scrubbers, to multi-pollutant equipment for industrial, waste-to-energy and power generation plants.

Starmachinechina air pollution control products meet the requirements for complying with the world’s strictest emissions legislation, the desire for low consumption of additives, the need for minimal residues, and the installation simplicity of a compact design. Quite often, our systems are delivered turnkey to ensure single-source accountability and efficiency.

Cutting-edge engineering tools and global R&D collaboration with a network of recognized partners and universities lay the foundation for our work. Early identification of each client’s needs help Starmachinechina make a long-term contribution to clean air and a clean environment.

Starmachinechina Pulse Jet Filter,Optipulse Fabric Filter,Jet Pulse valve,Pulse Jet Valve,Directly from China Manufacturer,- Qingdao Star Machine Technology Co.,Ltd. Our OPTIPOW Air Cleaning valve service life can reach 1,000,000 times. Low temperature resistance -60 ° C and high temperature 150 ° C. Widely used in thermal power plant air purification and dust removal, glass factory dust removal, laboratory dust removal, and other industrial dust removal. We have a sales system and after-sales service system all over the world. Our goal is to continuously improve quality and continuously reduce costs, till customer satisfaction.

We have a global sales network and service system of OPTIPOW air cleaning valve. There are more than 150 distributors and business cooperative partners in more than 30 countries, including Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Poland and other countries. "Honesty, efficiency, coordination, innovation" is our corporate culture. "First class quality, reasonable price and timely service" is is our company's unremitting pursuit.

Application in Industrial

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