Basic Info

 FLAKT V3568985-0100 Air Solenoid Valve 3" Dust Collector Diaphragm repair kit Suitable for Dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning and its variations including bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters, and sintered metal fibre filters.

The compact pulse valve for the Optipulse fabric filters of different types: It is a result of many years of experiences within the fabric filter technology area,experiences from the former used membrane type of pulse valve and extensive testingin the SEATC laboratories.

Normal operating pressure: < 6 bar

Flakt V3568985-0100 diaphragm membrane

Product Features

Modl: Flakt V3568985-0100


Temperature: -10~80℃

Pressure:0.15~0.85 MPa

Category: Diaphragm repair kit   

Product Description

Diaphragm kits --The main raw material Nitrile & FKM imported from Japan

V3568985-0100 type diaphragm repair kit for Flakt 120Centigrade or 200Centigrade 3inch diaphragm valve.

Ordering code: V3568985-0100
Material: Nitrile or EPDM or FKM
Nitrile is for -10~80°C working temperature.
EPDM is for -10~130°C working temperature.
FKM is for -10~200°C high working temperature.

For all diaphragm, the main raw material Nitrile(NBR) & EPDM & FKM import from Japan, the glue import from USA. & Using fabric-reinforced in rubber diaphragms , & CNC machining all metal parts & metal plate is stainless steel material. & will do 100% test for each part before shipment.

Technical Data

Working pressure


Relatively humidity


Working medium

Clear Air

Ambient Temperature

for -5~50°C

Diaphragm material

NBR(Nitrile) or EPDM or FKM (NBR for-10~70°) EPDM for -10~130°C ; FKM for -10~200°C)

Diaphragm life cycles

can work more than 1 million times

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