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PLUNGERV3629022-0100Optipow135,Burkert,Danfoss134.82mm118.66mm65.38mmREINFORCED NYLON 66540g/pc

Product Description

Model NO.


Valve Structure

Pilot Membrane Structure

Power Supply

DC Solenoid Valve


Drain, Dust Cleaning




Industrial Usage

Used For

Dust Filter





Design static pressure

15 bar (1500 kPa)

Design temperature

100 °C

Operating pressure

< 6 bar

Operating pressure variation

3 bar unlimited nos

Operation temperature

50 °C


The compact pulse valve for the Optipulse fabric filters of different types.

is a result of many years of experiences within the fabric filter technology area.

is quick acting with high efficiency.

has small dimensions, the figure after the name stands fir the diameter of the plunger.      

is primarily designed to be used in combination with circular pressure tank.

is easy to install and make service to.

has a very robust design, designed for normal use at air pressure up to 600kPa (6bar). 

Normal max operating temperature (compact pulse valve) 50°C.


Volume A connected to the pressure tank, via the slot between the valve house and the plunger. There is same pressure in the volume A as in the pressure tank.

Due to the larger pressurised surface of the plunger in volume A, the plunger is pressed towards the pulse pipe and seals between the pressure tank and the pulse pipe.

The volume B is via the solenoid valve connected to the pilot air. The area is larger on pilot air side so the pilot membrane is pressed down towards the top of the valve house and seals off the volume A from the ambient.



Before the assembly of the OPTIPOW units, an accurate cleaning of the internal of the pressure tank is of great importance. Any particle in the tank could in the future give serious problems regarding the operation of the pulse valves.

The OPTIPOW valve is as standard made for vertical installation. When the valve shall operate horizontally an extra internal spring has to be used. By that the plunger will always be in closed position when pressurising the cleaning system.

The OPTIPOW is normally delivered as one unit in a special package. For detailed instructions regarding erection of separate parts, see OPTIPOW assembly drawing.

Unpack the valves at first when mounting them.

Check that there are no visible damages on the valve.

Check that there are no foreign materials inside of the valve.

Check that the top of the pulse pipe is smooth without any burrs.

Position numbers below refers those mentioned in figure 1.

Put the plunger (pos 4) on the top of the pulse pipe. Lubricate the O-ring on the outer side of the valve house (pos 1) and match the house to the plunger. When installing the pulse valve be careful not to damage the O-ring. Tum the house so that the solenoid is pointing in right direction. Screw the four bolts with fingers as long as possible and make then the last setting with tool cross-wise to avoid damages to the O-ring. Torque according to specifications.

Notes regarding spare part installation

When receiving an OPTIPOW unit as spare part there are some additional points to consider at the installation.

Before dismounting the faulty OPTIPOW from the pressure tank, check the following.

Unpack the valves at first when mounting them.

Check that there are no visible damages on the valve.

Check that there are no foreign materials inside of the valve.

Check solenoid label, correct type mounted.

Due to risk of particles, moist and other foreign objects, could enter the tank never leave the pressure tank unattended with an open tank hole. If job cannot be completed, remount the old OPTIPOW unit or in other way cover the hole. Never pressurizes an uncompleted tank.

Dismount the intended OPTIPOW unit.

Inject, through the hole, the condition of the internal of the pressure tank, particles, moist etc.

If necessary, clean the internal of the tank with a vacuum cleaner until satisfied result has been archived.

Pulse Jet Filter,Optipulse Fabric Filter,Jet Pulse valve,Pulse Jet Valve,Directly from China Manufacturer,- Qingdao Star Machine Technology Co.,Ltd. A Professional Alstom optipow 135 solenoid valve manufacturer, the service life can reach 1,000,000 times. Low temperature resistance -60 ° C and high temperature 150 ° C. Widely used in thermal power plant air purification and dust removal, glass factory dust removal, laboratory dust removal, and other industrial dust removal. We have a sales system and after-sales service system all over the world. Our goal is to continuously improve quality and continuously reduce costs, till customer satisfaction.

Low loss of compressed air: the OPTIPOW pulse valve reduces the amount of compressed air consumption compared to diaphragm type.

Compact size: OPTIPOW pulse is much smaller than the diaphragm valve shape the pulse valve shape, which means that the bag spacing not is restricted by the size of valve, only the process parameters (gas Bubbe, without filter, fly ash type and concentration) determines the bag size, two OPTIPOW pulse valve short distance you can go to 160mm.

OPTIPOW pulse valve has two specifications: 105 and 135, the number represents the diameter of the piston.

Piston type pulse valve OPTIPOW

Model OPTIPOW piston pulse cleaning valve

OPTIPOW 135 (24V) V1614718-0100 

OPTIPOW 135 (100V, 50 Hz) V1614718-0301 

OPTIPOW 135 (120V 60Hz) V1614718-0400 

OPTIPOW 135 (120V 60Hz UL-CERTIFIED) V1614718-0700 

OPTIPOW 135 (without solenoid, revolving 90° C) V1614718-0800 -

Membrane V4549902-0100 

O-Ring (Fluor rubber 64,5 x 3) 8003-5573 

O-Ring (Nitril 70SH 64,5 x 3) 2136-1422 

O-Ring (114,5x3) 2136-1441 

Pilot cover V3630501-0100 

Plate V3630524-0100 

Plunger V3629022-0100 

Round washer (SS3576-5-200HV FE/ZN25) 4903-2146 -

Rubber disc V3640660-0100 

Solenoid valve (24 V DC ) V3611471-0100 

Solenoid valve (100 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0201 

Solenoid valve (110 V, 50 Hz) V3611471-0300 

Solenoid valve (110 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0200 

Solenoid valve (120 V, 60 Hz) V3611471-0400 

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