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The diaphragm divides the electromagnetic pulse valve into two chambers: front and rear. When compressed air is connected, it enters the rear chamber through the throttle hole. At this time, the pressure in the rear chamber tightly presses the diaphragm component against the output port of the valve, and the electromagnetic pulse valve is in a "closed" state

Product Description

Product Feature

Gaoyen pulse valve is a pulse valve that controls the opening and closing of the Gaoyen valve body unloading according to electrical signals. 

Gaoyen pulse valve has the advantages of high internal resistance, the fastest diaphragm switch pulse time, and durability.

Product Advantages

The Gaoyen pulse valve adopts advanced pneumatic actuators, with a simple and compact structure that is easy to maintain and replace. 

The Gaoyen pulse valve has high reliability and stability, and adopts an advanced stable power supply system, which enables the product to always maintain a stable working state without being affected by external voltage fluctuations. 

The Gaoyen pulse valve also introduces an adaptive control algorithm, which can dynamically adjust the pulse frequency and intensity to adapt to different working environments and load requirements.

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